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A Living Keepsake

by Michelle Drewek


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When looking at your budget and scheduling vendors, you may begin to talk yourself out of hiring what some people consider “add ons” to the wedding day. It is easy enough during planning to say that having a videographer is an unnecessary cost, after all you have a photographer, right? But looking back brides and grooms alike will echo that having a videographer was the best decision they made (or a big mistake if they decided not to). Your wedding will go by quicker than you can image, and as time goes by you will wish you could relive the day over and over again. There is no better way to capture this incredible day and make it livable long after the last dance of the evening than to have this keepsake you can cherish for the rest of your lives. Tony Lopez from Sound By Design Films gives us an eye-opening look at how a videographer can enhance your wedding.

1. What does a videographer capture? Every wedding has it’s own love story that deserves to be made into a film. Some of the best moments of a wedding can only be retold through the lens of a videographer’s camera. The video captures the raw emotions of the day that simply cannot be recreated through pictures or memories. One thing that is often overlooked is how moving vows or speeches from your friends and family can be. We overlay those audio clips in our final films, which is sometimes the most powerful aspect. To hear what a father has to say about his daughter, all while watching them dance together, is always emotional.

2. What can a couple expect from their videographer? I am there all day to capture as much as possible to re-tell the story of the wedding. Some of the best moments happen at unexpected times of the night. I also feel that our videos can complement the story photographers tell in a distinctive way. I like giving a couple something completely different from their photos that allows them to get a whole different perspective on their wedding. In addition, we try to be as unobtrusive as possible when capturing the day.

3. What does a couple that hires you get? Sound By Design Films has one all-inclusive package designed to give you everything you need for a great videography experience. We work with our couples to find exactly what they are looking for from their video, and then try to tell their wedding story in a fun and enthusiastic fashion. Our videos really capture those moments and emotions that pictures can’t always tell. We try to limit posing so the films capture the energy that comes from the natural nerves, emotions and celebration making up the beautiful day we are lucky to share. The result is a 20-minute feature film that allows you to relive the biggest moments from the day. In addition, we create a 3- to 5-minute film they can share on social media. I even take requests from bride and grooms to make a special package for them. Anything works for me; I just want to make an exciting film!

4. Talk about the videography experience. We try to get to know our couples and connect as much as we can throughout the planning. It’s important for our couples to feel comfortable with us so they are natural on the wedding day. I try and learn exactly what the couples are looking to get out of the video so I can capture and create a film that is perfect for them. On the day of the wedding I just like to have fun with the couple. Everything is professional, but we keep things relaxed. After the wedding, couples can choose to have a “viewing” with their loved ones at our bar, Camp Bar, when the film is finished. It’s a cool way to celebrate that no other videography company can offer.

5. What happens after the filming is complete? The editing is where all of the magic happens to tell the story. We take all of the captured footage to create a film that is entertaining to watch for everyone. There are hours of footage that we comb through to find the best moments. All weddings have a natural love story, which is important to portray. Throughout the film we use different editing techniques that tie in with the various emotions of the day. During the ceremony and details, you will see scenes and shots that are longer and more dramatic. Later when we are showing the celebration, there is more energy and faster editing. The different techniques and styles work together to create an amazing film.

6. Why is a videographer valuable to a wedding? Ask recently married couples and you will hear a common regret: “I wish I would’ve hired a videographer.” It’s a different way to experience your wedding. You have all this build up to one day, and it goes by so fast when it’s over. Photographers are a must, but a video complements what you get from those photos in such a unique way. Videos immerse you in your wedding years after it’s over. There is no better way to relive the day than live motion. When you first watch the films after your wedding, you will be excited to see how it turned out. But as your memory fades of the day and years go by, you will love being able to relive your biggest day. You’ll be amazed at the things you forgot happened, how different your friends and family look, how emotional you’ll be to see and listen to a parent’s or friend’s speech, or simply to show your kids someday. You will never regret having a video, but you may regret not having one.



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