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tricia & kelly

married 1-28-2017

Winter Ski Chalet


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Love Is Love

by Michelle Drewek


It was almost 9 years to the day that Tricia and Kelly were wed from the day they first met. They both describe each other as the balance they needed in their life, and the one person they derive much of their inspiration from. They were each a pillar of strength during times of hardship the other was facing. And above all, they value love, family and friendship as the most important thing in life. With 62 of their nearest and dearest in attendance, Tricia and Kelly became wives in a place close to their hearts for the many memories they’ve created there — the Milwaukee Art Museum — and did so in a celebration that was all their own.


The Proposal

Tricia: I had semi-asked/suggested we get married for a couple years. WAY before Kelly was ready for anything like that. So I finally said, “OK, I won’t ask again. When you want to get married, you’ll have to ask me.”  And a couple of years later, she did!  
Kelly: I knew I wanted to make the day a special day, that I wanted to surprise her, and that I wanted to profess my love and devotion to her. The plan was to profess my love at the prow Windhover Hall. I waited for the area to mostly clear out and walked her over and started my speech.

Tricia: I was being oblivious to what was actually happening and got embarrassed as she was saying all these nice things about me that I tried to run away! Kelly finally had to grab me, she laughed and said, “Get back here, I’m trying to propose to you!”
Kelly: I made a little red origami crane to hold the ring in vintage heart shaped jewelry box we bought together many years ago.


Winter was the inspiration. We wanted a winter ski chalet feel but a modern interpretation and sophisticated enough that it would complement the beautiful interior architecture of the Museum.


Worth Every Penny

Tricia: Dynamic Events By David Caruso. Being a planner type person myself, it was invaluable to me to be able to just focus on what we wanted and hand it off to David to handle. That was really my wedding gift to myself. 

Personal Touch

We incorporated some universal traditions, but mostly focused on our own unique touches. We both wore dresses and waited to see each other until we were walking down the aisle and met at the platform. We also wanted to do a fun, usable giveaway and David came up with the idea of a fur pillow for their seat, which everyone and we totally loved. We also had a bird of paradise flower arrangement to honor Kelly’s grandmother and Tricia sewed a heart pendant with her dad’s thumbprint on it into her dress.

First Look 

Kelly: She looked more beautiful than I could have imagined, and I was bursting at the seams to see her and talk to her because she insisted we wait until the ceremony. She was the full package; from head to toe stunning!
Tricia: She was perfect! Flowing curls, satiny dress, and the biggest smile ever. I hadn’t seen her dress or anything so was just trying to take it all in, as she did the same with me. She looked so happy and I think we were both a bit overwhelmed and a little relieved that the time had finally come.

Advice for Couples

Kelly: Less is more. The fewer things you do the better you can do them and the more developed and incorporated you can make them, allowing for an experience that has great flow as well as things that are relevant and memorable. You deserve the day you’ve always dreamed of. The point to all this is that no matter who you are you can make your wedding whatever you want it to be and have it be as traditional, contemporary or uniquely your own as you want. Don’t fall into the Hallmark trap; think about what makes you happy and not what you think would make others happy.
Tricia: A wedding/marriage/relationship is about the two people involved. Do what feels right for you even if others don’t quite “get it.”  It’s a celebration of you and a confirmation of your commitment to each other. Don’t force it into a mold of what others have done or “tradition.” 

If Only I Knew Then...

Honestly, I was dreading the process, but doing this with my wife and David Caruso it honestly was a total blast. When you trust someone like we trusted David — and we did because of his portfolio and professionalism — it makes decision-making that much easier. He had a vision to achieve our dreams and seemingly with little effort steered the larger team and guided decision-making artfully. It really felt like everyone on the team enjoyed the process and that is a testament to David.
I wanted a winter wedding but one thing I didn’t think about that was sort of a bummer when I realized it was that the sun goes down super early in January, but we chose the venue because of the architecture so the option for exterior shots that night were limited. This is something small, but something to keep in mind when planning a winter wedding. In the end the amazing Eron of Front Room Photography put my mind to ease noting that overcast days and a dark backdrop can add a level of lighting drama that you can’t get on a sunny day.

The Designer: Dynamic Events by David Caruso

Tricia and Kelly’s wedding was both elegant and intimate, combining the comfort of a winter ski chalet with the extraordinary architecture of the Milwaukee Art Museum. Windhover Hall, a 40-foot by 20-foot space within the heart of the museum, hosted their 62-person wedding, which presented a unique design challenge in wanting to display both the immaculate Hall without overpowering the intimacy of their celebration. The couple enlisted the brilliant team of Dynamic Events By David Caruso to create the setting for their beautiful day.

Both Tricia and Kelly wanted to walk down the aisle at the same time, but didn’t want to see one another until they reached the ceremony platform. To accomplish this, David set up two angular aisles with guests on either side of them. Upon reaching the platform, they met in the middle, and the brides expressed being absolutely blown away in that moment by their beautiful wife-to-be.

Following their heartfelt “I Do’s,” guests enjoyed the intimately designed dining area. David and his team arranged family-style table seating, in which rectangular tables formed a large square with an open space in the center — where Tricia and Kelly would later have their first dance. The area was surrounded by soft, sheer drapery, and embellished with crystals completely enclosing "the ceiling", and antler chandeliers hanging above the table arrangements. This layout brought all of their guests together at dinner, able to mingle in the warmth and comfort afforded by the design within the spacious Hall. The room was filled with enchanting harmonies of chatter and laughter!

To carry the same social engagement from the dinner arrangement throughout the remainder of the evening, David staged lounge seating areas with couches and coffee tables around the dance floor and DJ area. His genius design engaged people beyond their dinner conversations and brought the guests into every part of the expansive venue, all while keeping the intimate allure alive.

In addition to the spectacular framework, David and his team put together the final touches. With winter as the inspiration, silver, champagne and navy blue were the base palette with textures of fur and birch wood incorporated throughout. Accent elements of crystals, mirrors, antlers and foxes (a nod to one of the brides) made the museum their very own chalet.

“We want to thank David Caruso and his team for all they did, seen and unseen, to bring our beautiful wedding day together,” the couple expresses. “As designers, it was a new experience being the customer. We were beyond thrilled with how the evening turned out; it was everything we hoped for and so much more! The organization, the attention to detail, their ability to make our wishes come true and align it all with our budget was achieved with seaming ease even though we know they worked hard to accomplish this all for us. We are grateful for their guidance, experience, and artistry.”

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