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Maggie & Ben married 6.30.17

A Classic Matrimony by Carolyn Fraser

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PHOTOGRAPHY: The Paper Elephant

WEDDING CAKE: Simma's Bakery


Ben and I became friends while interning together during our junior year of college. Because we spent so much time together at work, we already knew a lot about each other when we started dating the following year. I knew the kind of man that he was, and the kind of husband he would be. After only a few days of dating, I knew that. I would choose Ben for the rest of my life.


On the way to his parents’ cabin, Ben surprised me with a detour to a quaint, romantic town called Stillwater. At a park with a beautiful view, he got down on one knee. His proposal was so sweet and thoughtful. Of course, I said yes!


We loved the elegance and simplicity of the color white, paired with splashes of light blue and blush in the flowers and bridesmaids’ dresses. The men wore black and white tuxes.


We both come from very large, Catholic families, so we invited 320 guests, many of whom were relatives.


Ben: Maggie and I are both Catholics, so the focal point of our wedding day was the Sacrament of Matrimony. We loved every aspect of our reception, but the mass was the most special part for us. Maggie: Some highlights from our ceremony were presenting a bouquet to the Blessed Virgin Mary statue during mass, and having the same liturgical music arrangement that is used in church at our alma mater, the University of Saint Thomas.


Maggie: In honor of my father’s Italian heritage, we offered Italian "confetti" (candied almonds) as our wedding favor and an incredible spread of Italian cookies and pastries for dessert, in addition to a massive wedding cake.


Maggie: In the beginning stages of planning, there was nothing that we were particularly set on having at our wedding, but once we started discussing various details, we became excited about certain aspects that we decided to include. Our florists, Barb and Dick, outdid themselves! For example, I loved having the church and Wisconsin Club adorned with flowers. A relatively last-minute decision to order pew bows turned out to be my favorite floral decoration on the wedding day. They were perfectly arranged and added so much to the beauty of the church.