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The Perfect Beginning

Are you obsessing over venues, menus, flowers, décor and everything wedding-related? Do you have a list of to-dos without the slightest clue about where you should begin tackling it? So many details go into planning a wedding that it can be difficult to manage event coordination along with your career and personal life. Save time and eliminate anxiety by hiring a professional to guide you through the process.

The ideal wedding planner is reliable, stylish, personable, professional, organized and detail oriented. It is vital to choose the right person so you can enjoy the excitement of your wedding day without worry. Because this person will be such a vital part of successfully planning and executing your wedding day dreams — as well as avoiding potential pitfalls and costly mistakes — you’ll want to do your due diligence in finding your perfect planner that will provide you with confidence and composure during this whirlwind of excitement and anticipation.

When vetting a planner, look for someone with experience. Be sure they have references and known their industry background. The caliber of wedding planners varies, and beware of hiring a friend as a planner. Even if someone managed to successfully plan their own wedding, that doesn’t mean they have the ability to orchestrate other people’s events. Professional planners are prepared for any situation, as they have encountered many challenges throughout their years in the business. There is no substitute for experience and reputation.

Experienced planners embrace opportunities to network with vendors and uncover trends. They attend educational seminars to keep up-to-date on what’s hot from coast-to-coast. But just because something is trendy doesn’t mean it will automatically fit your particular event. That’s why it’s important for a planner to know how to help the bride and groom find their own style and apply it in a way that provides a timeless and beautiful event.

When interviewing planners, it is important to determine their business acumen. Ask how payments to vendors are made, how the planner charges, what exactly the planner does on the wedding day, what paperwork the planner provides, and to see an updated portfolio of work. You should receive a clear, direct answer to these questions.

Finally, it's always best to hire a planner that you ‘click’ with. This is so important because you will be working closely with this person and it’s such a personal and momentous occasion in your life. You want it to be fun and enjoyable along the way. Having a planner that you can be open and honest with is important. Planners absolutely love their personal connections with the couples, and they foster that by spending a lot of time with them, even hosting dinners in their homes just to hang out. They remain in touch with most of their couples long after their big day.

Great wedding planners love what they do, and this enthusiasm carries through to your event. The best thing a couple can do for themselves is to hire a qualified wedding planner that can maximize their budget, create their ultimate fantasy experience and have fun while doing it. Afterward, you will look back on the months leading up to your wedding day with true fondness, knowing you planned the wedding you always wanted with the true calm only a professional can provide.

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