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Personally Penned Momentos

It’s not uncommon to spend many waking hours planning each part of your wedding, and then spend your remaining hours dreaming of what that day will look like. With so much time dedicated to day-of details, it’s easy to overlook the first impression your guests will have of your big day.

In a time when electronic communication has taken precedence over written letters, your wedding invitation is an opportunity to bring joy to every guest who opens their mailbox. Captivate them in that instant with an individually hand-written envelope and beautifully scripted invitation that will hang proudly in their home in anticipation of your wedding day, and cherished for a lifetime as a keepsake.

Debi Zeinert, the extraordinarily talented owner of The Blooming Quill, has been in love with letters since she was a little girl. She’s always loved to paint and draw, and to use her creativity to bring joy to others.

“When I found out that I could actually make people happy with lettering, I was beside myself!” Debi elates. “I’ve been lettering for commissions since 1984, but it was in 2001 when I was doing calligraphy as much as working my full-time job that I made the decision to make wedding calligraphy my only job. That’s when The Blooming Quill was born.”

Debi puts her pen to work in a number of ways from place cards and signs to menus and programs. She also does hand-lettered chalkboards, as well as lettering on glass and metal with an engraver. And, very soon, The Blooming Quill will be offering Letterpress! Calligraphy isn’t limited to one style, either. You can choose to embrace a traditional approach, which is reminiscent of a black-tie event with few embellishments.

Another option is something more contemporary that is less about the “frills” and is more edgy. Newer to her calligraphy repertoire is a whimsical style that looks vintage and feels playful.

Whatever style you chose, Debi assures all of her couples that she is fully invested in every person she works with. “I will help them all along the way; etiquette, style suggestions, making sure everything is right! I do beautiful work, I can work quickly if I need to, and I treat each customer like they are my best friend.”

Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Johnson Photography

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