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To Look or Not To Look

The moment a couple first sees each other on their wedding day is one filled with much anticipation. Traditionally couples didn’t see each other until the bride was walking down the aisle. In recent years, however, a newer trend known as the ‘First Look’ has taken root. Typically it is a private moment for just the soon to be wedded couple, but some also elect to have bridal parties and families included in the moment, even if just from afar. The main logistical benefits of a First Look involve streamlining the schedule of the day, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for every couple. As you decide which option is best for the two of you, here are some First Look considerations.


On a purely image level, the fundamental benefit of having a First Look is having amazingly emotional and intimate photos of the moment a couple first sees each other on their wedding day.


Doing a First Look allows us to get all of the photos done that the bride and groom have to be in together, like photos of the two of them, the suite of wedding party photos and family photos.


A First Look provides an opportunity to conveniently work different locations into a wedding day schedule.


Nothing can touch the feeling of seeing your fiancé at the other end of the aisle with everyone you love between you two. Also, a number of couples have expressed how having that private moment together actually calmed their nerves and helped them be more present for their ceremony.

Photography: Front Room Photography

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