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Meet Canopies Events with Distinction

Close your eyes and begin to imagine your wedding day. You can see how your color palette translates through each detail, hear your family and friends laughing, smell the amazing oral arrangements; every sight, sound and smell is distinctive. No one knows distinction better than Canopies Events with Distinction. With 28-plus years of industry experience, these experts in party rental equipment are more than just a tent and furniture company, they are creators, with a large assortment of offerings. They can take your venue or outside event and work with you to create an unbelievable day.

The family-owned company was founded by the Hudak family in 1995. Margo Hudak is one of the first people you will meet when booking a rental. Her pleasant, outgoing personality makes her a natural at her job of fielding phone calls and directing customers to the appropriate person at Canopies to assist them, or working with them herself if the event is a smaller one, for example, a rehearsal dinner or baby shower. Margo is happy to assist customers in whatever method they prefer, whether it is a personal meeting, call, email or even a text.

During your interactions with Canopies, you’ll also likely meet Doug Barzyk, who works in sales for Canopies, bringing with him over 20 years of experience in the Milwaukee event rental industry. He’s also a graduate of UW-Milwaukee and served for two years of active duty in the Army and 19 years in the Army Reserves. In sales, Doug meets a lot of people, measures a lot of yards, and is familiar with many venues. He’s customer focused and driven to give you the best results!

Doug has worked on many events over the years, and no two events are alike. “What I like about my job is that because no two events are the same, no two days for me are the same,” he says. From May through October, he spends more time out of the of office than in as he meets clients, inspects job sites, completes walk-throughs and supervises installations. Doug does hands-on work to reach his goal, which is for each customer to be completely satis ed with their rental experience and to help them navigate through the planning and execution of an event with as little stress as possible. When asked what advice he has for clients, Doug says that it’s best to get started sooner than later. “It is never too early to begin the rental process or to place your rental order. The sooner you begin, the more likely what you are looking for will be available,” Doug says.


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