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J'Adore Boudoir

Are you looking for a knockout gift for your fiancé, but just don’t know what to get him? Are you stressed out from planning and looking for a moment of respite? Are you feeling less than fabulous right before the day in which you are supposed to be feeling your absolute best? If these ring all too true, then boudoir may be the answer you never thought you were looking for! Before you crawl into a hole and cover yourself with the blanket sitting next to you, hear us out. Boudoir doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating, in fact it is quite the opposite! It is an opportunity to let an artisan take what comes naturally to you and highlight it in a sensational way. Best of all, it gives your husband-to-be a keepsake he will never want to take his eyes off of.

Boudoir photography is more than just scantily clad pictures; it is an experience. From the staging and lighting to the outfits and atmosphere, every session is uniquely tailored to the desires, comfort level and persona of the bride. Tegan Jae, owner of The Paper Elephant, believes in the boudoir experience so much that she includes it in her wedding photography packages. “I love that boudoir photography combines fashion and editorial with empowerment and dressing up. It allows me to play around with fun lighting techniques and poses for all different body types, and to connect with my clients on a deeper level. They leave a session looking and feeling amazing, radiating confidence that many didn’t even know they had in them before we started. I have grooms pull me aside on the wedding day and thank me not only for the gorgeous gift I helped create, but for the confidence boost it gave their bride. That, to me, is priceless!”

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