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Reader Question: Winter Wedding


Dear Veil, Thank you for publishing such a beautiful magazine! I just purchased it for my recently engaged daughter. My question is this – we are having some difficulty finding a beautiful winter wedding venue. She has always wanted an elegant winter wedding – not rustic, not Christmas not Valentines – just elegant-encompassing the beauty of winter in Wisconsin. January 2019. Smaller 125 guests. She lives in Eau

Claire, We live in the Fox Valley area. We are all willing to travel anywhere in the state. She really would love to find a venue we can cater in and design her own wedding. With large window views allowing the beauty of the outside to be enjoyed from the inside. Any help or direction you can give us would be greatly appreciated. Thank you once again! - T.P.


Dear T.P.,

Winter is a wonderful time to get married in the city! Milwaukee offers magical venues from The Seebooth to Lake Park Bistro to Saz's South Second! For a complete list of venue's we'd highly recommend you can visit our Reception Site Directory! Happy planning!

The Seeboth

South Second

Lake Park Bistro

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