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How to incorporate your dog on your wedding day

As your wedding plans begin to come together and the larger details of the day fall into place, your mind will begin to swirl with ideas for other items to incorporate. If you have a dog, there has no doubt been consideration of involving them in your wedding. Your loved ones will all be included, and your pup is very much a big piece of your heart. There are a number of ways to include your dog in this monumental day. Here are some important questions to ask in order to incorporate your pup:

  1. Does your venue allow for dogs?

  2. Will you have your dog dressed in any attire?

  3. Do you have a plan should your dog become overly anxious or excited by the events of the day?

  4. Do you have a handler on-site for the day?

  5. Do you have a plan in place for escorting your dog to and from the location(s) they will be in attendance?

  6. Do you have overnight arrangements set up for your dog?

Photography: Studio 29 Photography

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