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Meet Molly Sullivan of Miss Molly's Pastries

Q: What are you known for in the industry and why?

A: I am known for the different types of petite desserts that we do. I also take pride in the fact that we make everything from scratch and use locally sourced ingredients. I think that the variety of different desserts we do appeals to brides because it gives guests so many options to choose from. Supporting local farmers and artisan producers is important to me and carry that through to my business practices.

Q: What is your process when working with a prospective client?

A: Typically, I will schedule a tasting with the bride-and-groom-to-be, who choose five different items from our menu to taste. The tasting costs $25. There is an additional charge if the couple wants to taste more than 5 items or bring additional people. If the client does book us for their wedding the $25 tasting fee will be deducted from their final bill. And for clients who are too busy to book a tasting, we offer a Tasting To-Go for $20. Clients can pick up a box of five samples and decide at their leisure.

Q: How many weddings do you handle a weekend?

A: As a small yet talented company, we accept a limited number of bookings per season. Explore our menus and portfolios, or get a jump start and book a tasting today!

Q: What are some unique requests you’ve had over the years?

A: A couple of years ago I did a cream puff wedding where I filled cream puffs to order at their reception! People loved it because it was so fun and unique! I also did a pie pop wedding last year. The bride wanted three different types of pie pops. Her fiancé made special stands where he drilled holes into logs the exact size of the pie pop sticks. It wound up looking like a little forest of pie pops!

Q: What trends are most popular among the brides you work with?

A: Many brides work with us because they are looking for a dessert option that is fun and different. We do a lot of dessert tables that have three to five different bite-sized desserts and a small cutting cake. We also get many requests for simple and elegant tiered cakes made with buttercream frosting and decorated with fresh flowers.

Q: What are your words of wisdom for brides?

A: Try not to stress too much! Leave the worrying to the professionals — we got you!


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