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The right questions to ask your wedding photographer

Out of all of the pieces of your wedding day, only two will remain after your day has passed: your marriage, of course, and your photos.

Wedding photography is often one of the biggest pieces of a bride’s budget pie. After all, it’s your photographer that you trust with the essential task of preserving your wedding memories. These aren’t just any photos. They’re the ones that will be on the mantle and in the album for years and years; long after Instagram filters have faded away.

Here are some helpful questions when choosing your photographer:

How many photographers will be attending the wedding?

Would you describe your style as more commercial or editorial?

How many hours are in the package? Can I split the hours up? For instance, day vs night?

How long will it take for me to receive the photographs?

Will I have rights to the photos?

{photography: top Studio 29 Photography + Design, bottom Front Room Photography}

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