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Wardrobe Wisdom

PHOTOGRAPHY by Manning Photography

To help you decide on what to wear, and to make sure you know what details you can consider, we’ve compiled a list of questions to consider as you ponder your wedding day attire.

1. What color suit / tux should the men wear? Blue, black, navy, grey, charcoal, khaki, white or striped?

2. Accessories for the chest can be vests, cummerbunds, suspenders, or even sweaters.

3. Which tie style would best match the wedding’s mood? Among other options, there’s the cravat, bow tie, skinny tie...and then choose a color or fabric pattern. Remember, some couples don’t rent this - they buy them as groomsmen gifts.

4. Are there other fabric pieces we want to consider? Colored or patterned socks shoes or shirts?

5. What about jewelry or other accessories? These can be as traditional as cuff links and watches or as unusual as bolero hats with a brim band to match the wedding design.

6. Do you want props? Top hats, canes, belt buckles or other elements that will add to our wedding vibe?

7. How should the groom be slightly different from the other men in the wedding party? He is, after all, the man of the hour.

PHOTOGRAPHY by Manning Photography

FORMALWEAR & ACCESSORIES by Harleys The Store for Men

LOCATION Historic Pritzlaff

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