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Bella Bridesmaids - Meet Ariel

In the quest for the perfect dress, don’t forget your supporting ladies who will stand beside you on your big day! With the largest selection of dress designers available to you, as well as sashes, flower girl dresses and jewelry, Bella Bridesmaids is the premier shopping experience for bridal parties.

In 2007, Erin and Kathleen Casey, mother-daughter duo and current co-franchisors, opened their first Bella Bridesmaids showrooms in Chicago and Milwaukee. When Erin got engaged, her mom, Kathleen, came across an ad for Bella Bridesmaids in a bridal magazine. They hoped to find the store near home in Chicago, but couldn’t find any place like it. Kathleen knew she wanted to open a Bella and was relentless in pursuing the idea throughout Erin’s wedding planning process. On Mother’s Day, they decided they would go into the business of bridesmaids!

Ariel Tobin, the Milwaukee showroom manager, joined Erin and Kathleen after a move from Atlanta with her husband and puppy, Snoop. “The moment I stepped into the beautiful Bella showroom, I knew Bella was the PERFECT match for me,” Ariel says. At Bella Bridesmaids you’ll have an hour-long appointment that will pair you and your bridesmaids with an expert stylist to ensure the best possible experience with each visit.

“During this time, I am able to assist in choosing the best color for the maids’ gowns that will blend with the rest of the wedding colors, find a style and fabric that will complement her wedding dress and lead the party through our streamlined sizing and ordering process,” Ariel says. “The bride and her bridal party can expect to receive exceptional customer service and one-on-one attention while choosing their gowns.”

Each year, Ariel heads to the New York City Bridal Market to search out the latest and greatest in bridesmaids’ fashion to bring back to Milwaukee. “One of the biggest trends we are seeing right now is beading and sequins galore!” Ariel offers the following advice to brides: “Wedding planning can seem like a lot, so keep it simple and start with your attire. What you wear will help guide the style and formality of your bridesmaids' dresses, so focus on yourself first! After you have the dress of your dreams, that's where we come in. Believe me--there are A LOT of choices! Choosing your general color scheme and preferred dress length before visiting will ensure you leave your appointment feeling accomplished, not confused. We can't wait to shop with you!”

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