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Get the Picture Perfect Glow

PHOTOGRAPHY by Robyn Vining Photography

PHOTOGRAPHY by Studio 29 Photography & Design

Being in love, you automatically radiate a glowing aura; people can definitely tell cupid has been at work. So when your wedding day arrives, how do you make that in-love glow that keeps you looking refreshed and flawless last from dawn till dusk? The answer – preparation.

Be sure to give yourself time to prepare; the perfect glow just doesn’t happen overnight. It begins with a great skin care regimen using quality, top-of-the-line products with ingredients that are sure to keep you glistening. First, find a cleanser geared toward your skin type, one that isn’t over drying so you can keep your skin Ph balanced. Remember, regular exfoliation is key to keeping your complexion smooth, fresh and generating new skin cells. Most importantly, use a great moisturizer. There are different moisturizers created for all skin types, from dry to oily or combination, but radiance relies in replenishment – don’t skimp! Talk with a skin care professional to help point you in the right direction and get you started on a plan toward a beautiful complexion.

After starting to properly care for your skin and enjoying the magnificent results, you will be half way to achieving your illustrious wedding-day glow. Truly capturing a picture-perfect appearance also relies on your makeup application and the products used.

Celebrity makeup artists don their title for a reason; they’re pros at prepping the stars for their special events, so choosing a local professional is a wise decision. What can a professional makeup artist offer that your sister who loves doing makeup can’t? The knowledge and experience, the tips and tricks, and personalized products right for you. Look for an artist who uses cosmetic lines with a prestigious clientele backing – it will help ensure you look as red-carpet ready as any celebrity would for their special event.

Some artists may join you on location, but it may be more fun to round up your wedding party and make it a group event. Pampering yourself is a must, and making your bridesmaids glow as well is a great gift. Presenting them with products to use for touching up during the evening, an enchanting fragrance or a luxurious body cream are other great ways to say thanks.

But even the most elegant cosmetics and an exclusive makeup artist cannot out shine your true glow – the one that is illuminated by love that comes from within.

PHOTOGRAPHY by Heather Cook Elliott Photography

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