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Choosing the time of year and your reception location

First of all, consider the date you actually have chosen. Did you pick a date in the middle of the summer - high season - or in the traditionally chilly time that has become more popular due to the great designs now available in the cold months? You both need to discuss what you want for your day: a hotel ballroom, a warehouse loft, a vintage barn or a Swanky tent. Some of your choices may be limited due to weather if you’ve chosen a time period during the year that is not conducive to an unheated - or non-air conditioned - tent or barn. Sometimes those locations can be accommodating and can bring in either option if weather necessitates it.

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The reception is where you can get creative about your tastes and offer up dishes that can be a memorable part of the evening. This is also an important part of your guests’ experience, beyond the venue surroundings itself. If you choose a location that can provide a culinary and gastronomic memory, it will be something guests remember for a long time.

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