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Calligraphy is Truly a Timeless Art Form

Debi from The Blooming Quill answers some of your questions

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Johnson Photography

Discuss the types of calligraphy.

There are two categories of calligraphy. The first is broad pen, which is the kind that was first used by the monks and scribes. It is still highly practiced and is used for certificates, wall art, and some invitations. It’s commonly known by the names ‘Italic,’ ‘Uncial,’ and ‘Old English,’ to name a few. Then there is pointed pen calligraphy, which is American calligraphy and more commonly follows cursive handwriting. Common types of pointed pen are ‘Copperplate’ and ‘Spencerian.’ I do pointed pen calligraphy.

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What are trends you've seen in how calligraphy is used?

While the traditional formal styles will always be in fashion, contemporary pointed pen styles have become all the rage. They can look very cool and fun if the lettering artist is trained in letterforms, but can be a mess if they are not!

A lot of couples are cost-conscious. Can you explain how pricing works to benefit any wedding budget?

Calligraphy is not for the budget bride. If a bride is looking to save money, she may choose to have just a few special calligraphy touches like her place cards or some signage. But when a bride spends a fair amount on her invitations, she really needs to have the envelopes match the quality of what’s inside. That’s where I come in.

Tell us about some of your memorable experiences over the years.

I’ve done the calligraphy for the Kuwaiti Ambassador to Great Britain, for the owner of the Red Sox, for Neicy Nash (reality TV star), and for the CEO of NASCAR, just to name a few. I do some funky things too! This past fall I had to letter a party invitation on the side and bottom of 20 pink stilettos for Jamie Foxx’s sister’s birthday party.

Photo By Front Room Photography

What are your words of wisdom for brides and grooms?

Do-it-yourself is not always cheaper. Sometimes the timesavings alone to have a professional do the job are worth it. I think this holds true in all aspects of a wedding.

Photo By Front Room Photography

Calligraphy is truly a timeless art form. What does that statement mean to you?

Beautiful hand calligraphy cannot be dated. What I do now will still be in fashion in 20 years, as it was 20 years ago. There is nothing more exciting than when you open your mailbox and see an envelope addressed beautifully to you. It’s the first impression most of your guests will have of your wedding—make it one they will remember and get excited about!

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