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Sweet Endings

One of the most delicious parts of planning a wedding is the cake tasting! Many couples find this decision is the most enjoyable, and if you have a sweet tooth you are going to love sinking your teeth into a variety of cakes like carrot, red velvet, chocolate and cheesecake. While not all bakeries will let you taste everything they have on the menu, be sure to make the most of this sweet opportunity while you can by trying some delicacies. Also be sure to bring along some extra tasters! Your loved ones will be begging to come along.

Besides cake, a lot of modern brides opt to have a table full of delicious goodies. Those sweet treats can be cookies, artesian chocolates, candy, cupcakes, chocolate fountain or any other variety of delectable dessert. The possibilities are endless and it makes the guests anxious to dive into what’s in front of them.

PHOTOGRAPHY m three studio photography

PHOTOGRAPHY m three studio photography

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PHOTOGRAPHY m three studio photography

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