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by Laura Vietmeyer


PHOTOGRAPHY  Heather Cook Elliott Photography

Embrace & Enhance
Your Beauty

Breathtaking & Beautiful

by Michelle Drewek & Laura Vietmeyer


PHOTOGRAPHY Studio 29 Photography & Design

HAIR Jennifer Halo Salon

MAKEUP Elyse Halo Salon


GOWNS Bella Bridesmaids

MODEL Hanna E.

From the runway to the aisle, high fashion often influences bridal fashion trends, and hair and makeup trends for you and your bridal party are no exception to this inspiration. This year is all about natural beauty, highlighting the best attributes of your and your bridesmaids to create a look that is uniquely beautiful.

This year’s runways showcased bold brow, pink or coral lip color that goes with your skin tone, flushed cheeks and fresh, glowing skin with makeup that does not appear heavy or cakey, but rather dewey and light. The key to healthy, radiant skin starts before the big day by keeping skin clean, exfoliated and moisturized.

In addition to glossy lips in pinks and corals, nude lips are a hot trend at the moment. Natural makeup is also a great way to balance out a formal dress, veil and shoes.

In hair, natural waves or braids are on trend right now. For an effortless look, hair can be worn down and free flowing, or in a less constructed updo. For a romantic updo, a braid can be woven in to add detail and intricacy to your bridal look or to that of your bridal party’s hair. However, if the loose, bohemian style isn’t for you, more polished styles were also featured in bridal styles on the runway this year, including sleek ballerina-esque buns and classic chignons.

When planning your hair and makeup for your wedding day, look at the big picture of how these elements will fit into the overall look and feel of your wedding. The bridesmaids’ hair should complement the theme of the wedding. They should let the you determine the style. Hairstylists and makeup artists who are experienced in the field will have a wealth of knowledge to share to help shape your vision. Artists who focus on working with brides and bridal parties will understand your needs better than an artist who primarily works in other areas. Artists who are good at collaboration will love you bringing in photos or other pieces of inspiration. Just keep in mind that some styles that are done for a photograph might not hold up well all day. Be open to suggestions from the professionals.

When it comes to makeup that will photograph beautifully, a good makeup artist knows all the tricks. Using airbrush makeup or HD makeup prevents a white face and tan body, which can be caused by a camera flash.

Ask to see a portfolio of any makeup artists and hairstylists you are considering, as it showcases what they are capable of in terms of style and ability. If you like the portfolio, meet with the artist to get a sense of whether or not your input will be executed the way you envisioned. Ensure that the people who do your trial looks will be there on your big day. Most salons guarantee this, but it shouldn’t be assumed. Speak up and ask for peace of mind. Also, find out what will happen if the artist isn’t able to make it to your wedding day. It’s always ideal to have a plan in place to keep things running smoothly.

And last, but certainly not least — embrace your natural beauty. That’s something that’s always on trend.


Planning Tips:

Will hairstylist or makeup artist show up on time and have everything they need to create your style?
Will the artist doing your hair or makeup during the trial run be the artist you will be working with on your wedding day?

What type of makeup is being used? Will it translate well in photos?

Can the makeup artist and hair stylist work with you to bring your vision for your big day to life?

How will the hair and makeup artists work together to help your prep time day of go smoothly?


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        Being in love instantly adds a radiant glow to those struck by cupid’s arrow.  When your wedding day arrives, you want that glow to shine brighter than ever, but how?  To keep that refreshed and flawless from dawn till dusk, the answer is preparation.  Truly capturing a picture-perfect appearance depends on your skin care, makeup application and hairstyle.

        Be sure to give yourself time to prepare; the perfect glow just doesn’t happen overnight.  It begins with a great skin care regimen using a quality product line.  First, find a cleanser geared toward your skin type.  Next, exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate, again paying attention to skin type.  Most importantly, use a great moisturizer.  There are different moisturizers created for all skin types, from dry to oily or combination, but radiance relies in replenishment—don’t skimp or skip!  Talk with a skin-care professional to help point you in the right direction and get you started on a plan toward a beautiful complexion. 

        And don’t forget the most important beauty tip of all, for both your face and your body: Stay hydrated!  Never underestimate the power of water.  If you want to keep your complexion clear, deflate those under eye bags, and keep your skin looking plump and youthful, get yourself a water bottle and keep it full.  Drinking enough water is great for your whole body.  Cheers! 

        Once you have your skincare regimen down and are beginning to enjoy the magnificent results, you can move on to truly capturing a picture-perfect appearance.  This flawless face also relies on your makeup application and the products used.  Makeup artists don their title for a reason; they’re pros at prepping your makeup, so choosing a local professional is a must.  When working with any professional, ask friends and coworkers for recommendations or look at online portfolios to help you hone in on someone you might like to work with and who captures your personal style.  When you find the right person, you can benefit from the knowledge and experience that a professional makeup artist has to execute the perfect tips and tricks and to use the personalized products that are right for you.  Give your makeup a couple of practice runs to make sure you love the look and still feel like yourself, your absolute best self. 

        Now that you have prepped your face and chosen your makeup pallet, your headpiece and hairstyle go hand-in-hand.  Together they become the cherry on the sundae. There are so many options for headpieces, so try on as many as you need to in order to find the perfect ornament to complement your gorgeous self.  Once your headpiece is decided on, you can move onto the hair.  Up or down? Curly or straight? Do I color or don’t I? What to do with your wedding hair can be a tricky affair. Ideally, your hairstyle will flatter both your face and your overall ensemble.  If you plan on experimenting with your hair color, do so at least four-to-six months before the wedding. This allows your hair time to recover from any major malfunctions or catastrophic color choices. Keep in mind your makeup pallet and the color of your dress.  You want your hair to complement your look, not overpower it. 

        To start, pick out a few different looks and share them with your stylist. Schedule your trial hairstyle a few months in advance, and bring your veil and/or headpiece as well as any photos you like.  Remain open to new ideas.  You may hate up-dos, or only be open to up-dos, but be willing to take chances—at least during your trial run. Your headpiece may also dictate your hairstyle, which would be beneficial to keep in mind as you make your choice.  A full, elaborate veil will be heavier on your head and may require a tighter up-do. However, if you decide to go for the long, loose romantic look, remember that generally, your veil should be longer than your hair and tousled does not mean tangled. 

        With these and any beauty tips you might come across to achieve your wedding day look, there is one important lesson to keep in mind: Preparation and practice make perfect. 


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