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        Weddings are more than just a one-day event. Parties from bridal showers to bachelor/ette parties, rehearsal dinners to receptions, a lot of venue considerations come into play. Before you jump into planning these events, you need to come prepared. We’ve compiled a Party Directory to help guide your search for the perfect venue, no matter the occasion, but first read on to learn more about what you should be considering along the way.

        First, consider how many people will be in attendance. You want to make sure that the space that is chosen to host the event will comfortably fit the guest list. Comfortably means making sure there is not only enough space to seat everyone, but also enough room for mingling and any activities that may take place.

        If you are having a bridal luncheon, for example, people will mostly be sitting at their tables or casually standing nearby to chat with other guests. At a bridal shower, however, space for a gift table will also need to be accounted for, as well as enough space for the gift opening to take place in.

        Likewise, a wedding reception will need to not only accommodate for guests and a gift table, but also a bar and dance floor. Go into your search for a location knowing what you will need to accommodate for so the venue can tell you what will and will not work.

        Next, consider the atmosphere. The type of mood you will be setting with a bridal luncheon versus a bachelorette party will most likely be at opposite ends of the spectrum. You want to have a location that no only is conducive to the atmosphere you want your party to have, but that your party is also conducive to that space.

        A third thing to consider is the amenities. Things like bar service, entertainment and food offerings may be what makes or breaks your decision to opt for or against a location. Venues all have their own rules when it comes to caterers and bartenders.

        Before hiring a catering company, find out the rules of the venue you are using. They may require you use their in-house catering/menu or a caterer they directly contract with. If you are keen on having a particular caterer, then you may need to look at a different location if your first choice has specific regulations.

        Bartenders are a similar topic to discuss. Do they have specific bartenders you can hire, or do you need to hire outside bartenders. What types of fees are associated with using the bar service? How long do you need bar service for? Have these questions answered ahead of time so when you visit the venue, you are prepared to cover all of your bases.

        Finally, come in with a budget. It is easy to get carried away planning an unforgettable night. The budget will keep you levelheaded so you don’t leave having spent more than you can afford. If price becomes an issue, see what types of suggestions the venue has. Depending on their years of experience, they have probably seen and heard it all by now. They are experts in the area of party planning, so voice your concerns ahead of time before they become an issue.

        Planning a party is something to take seriously because a lot gets invested into making sure your guests have a good time. By preparing yourself before diving in head first, you will eliminate a lot of unnecessary stress and end up with an unforgettable event. Let our Party Directory help get you get the party started!


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