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Wild About

by Michelle Drewek & Gabrielle Loomis


PHOTOGRAPHY  Studio 29 Photography + Design, The Paper Elephant, Heather Cook Elliott Photography

        The first impression guests will have of your wedding are your save the dates and invitations. Guests learn more than just where the hotel accommodations are and what time the “I Do’s” take place. Color schemes, the wedding theme and the atmosphere of the entire day can all be encapsulated on this single keepsake. Because many couples decide to frame their invitation, it’s important to take time to put serious consideration into what message you want to convey before your guests arrive on the big day.

        Wedding invitations help to set a tone and theme that gives guests an idea of what to expect. For a more elegant affair, you may use calligraphy and a heavier stock. A beachfront wedding may have a sandpaper texture and stamped printing. When you opt for a true paper artisan, like those scattered throughout the pages of Veil Magazine, you are getting a custom experience so that your invitations are a distinct representation of you, your partner and your wedding day.

        There is no right way to decide what will guide the look and feel of your invitations. A typical starting point for couples is to incorporate their color scheme from other elements of the wedding. If you go this route, try playing with a variety of color options and see how they look with other facets of the printing process like the typeface and possible embellishments. You may end up deciding to base other decisions about your invitations on the colors you choose, or you may choose a different color scheme altogether to highlight a different element.

        You’ll also need to decide the type of material you want to print on. While cardstock has been the traditional choice because of its versatility and durability, you have an opportunity to break from tradition by choosing something a bit more diverse. Wood veneer, for example, is paper-thin and eco-friendly. You could also opt for something more dimensional like Jacquard. Your invitation specialist will have first-hand knowledge and samples of what you can create with, so feel free to explore beyond a sheet of paper.

        Once you decide on the type of material you will print on, you need to figure out what type of printing and typeface you are going to use. The material will often help guide the print type because of texture, delicacy or quite simply that certain typefaces and printing methods work better with certain materials. There are many varieties to choose from, as your invitation designer will discuss with you (i.e. laser, letterpress, engraving, calligraphy). If you plan on printing onto any other items in the wedding like cocktail napkins or your favors, you may want to pick something similar so you have cohesion among your various wedding elements. Of course, feel free to break the mold a bit!

        Probably one of the most fun considerations when designing invitations are the embellishments. Including something currently in your wedding décor or fashion can take it the next level of astonishing. Try a fabric accent like a ribbon that matches the sash from your gown, or a ruffle accent from the bridesmaids’ dresses. Add some rhinestone bling to make your invitations dazzle. Or go a step further by mixing a few types of elements together—chiffon from your gown with crystals from the chandeliers or the print from the groomsmen’s’ ties with the feathers from your centerpieces. Let your imagination run wild and see where that takes you and your paper artisan!

        Understandably so, your budget may end up being the guide for a lot of these decisions. Let your invitation maven know where you stand up-front so they are able to guide you where you can feasibly go right from the get-go. There are endless options available to make your invitation dreams come true, so don’t let your wallet discourage you before you consider your options.

        And most of all have fun! This is your chance to make a lasting impression and get your guests excited well in advance for your wedding celebration. This is one of your special keepsakes of this truly extraordinary life event. 


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