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Extraordinary Table Décor


        Imagine the moment that your guests enter your reception space with their place cards in hand.  What will they see when they take their seats?  What is the overall feel of your space and how does your wedding décor speak to that atmosphere?  Your choice in wedding décor can bring unexpected touches to make your reception memorable for you and your guests by exhibiting your personal style or by tying together a theme or feel for your entire day. This comes from a collaboration of wedding planning and design along with the bride and groom and their families.
        We’ve pulled together four looks from four wedding planners from real-life weddings that were inspired by the unique requests of the brides, grooms and their families.  The décor speaks to each venue, creating a look and experience to fit the theme and space.  From opulent, over the top designs to a rustic, antique feel, or from a romantic, elegant feel to a vintage meets modern look, each design is unique and befitting the couple.  There is no limit to how detailed elements such as flowers, candles, menus, and linens can be implemented and tailored to create a seamless look and feel.
        A professional can help you reach your ultimate design goals.  Wedding planners and event designers can work directly with you and your family using their skills to create a design to meet, and often exceed, your expectations. They have a repertoire of style ideas to tailor the look of your venue.  Almost any space can be transformed, so never let your venue limit your design ideas for the look of your reception.  With the right amount of creativity and teamwork, your venue can be transformed into something truly magical.
        If you don’t already have ideas for what you want your venue to look like, choose a starting point to get the creative juices flowing.  Oftentimes, a color or two, or a pattern, can be a good place to begin.  A planner can take the color or pattern and come up with detail ideas to infuse into the tables, the chairs, the lighting, the flowers, and even the cake.  If you have an item or heirloom that you want incorporated into the design, a wedding planner can make that happen.  If you wanted to incorporate your grandmother’s napkins from her wedding into your design, for example, but you only have eight, you can use them at the head table and your wedding planner can work with the linen company to procure a design that is comparable.  Wedding planners are excellent problem solvers and can easily come up with solutions that you may never have imagined were possible.  
        Aside from being expert problem solvers, wedding planners also have a wealth of knowledge on who to hire in order to get the job done.  In order to pull the entire look together, it’s necessary to work with multiple vendors. Wedding  planners have the experience and expertise to know which Wisconsin vendors are reliable. Wedding planners also will know which vendors work best with your style, making it much easier to achieve the look you desire for your reception.          
        The four very different but equally fabulous looks on the following pages can be used to help inspire your own ideas to pull unique details into your design.  Take your time to notice the little details that make up the overall atmosphere of the space as you peruse the designs on the following wedding décor pages from Cherry Blossom Events, Dynamic Events by David Caruso, événment planning, and Let’s Have An Affair.  Which elements really speak to you?  Use those elements as a starting point to begin brainstorming your own ideas to make your wedding decor speak to your overall vision.  


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Décor & Design

by Jon Murrish


PHOTOGRAPHY & SKETCHES  Kathy Maersch - Barking Pony Studios

        By the time you contact us, you have made one of the most important decisions of your lifetime. In celebration of this commitment, you both will treasure the company of those people most important to you. Once that special day arrives, you will have made dozens of additional  decisions about how you wish it to be, perhaps hundreds.
       Not surprisingly, you may be new at this. You probably have friends and family members offering assistance with the details of your wedding day. Take it, but do so cautiously. These people know you best, and may have insight into your personal style that goes unnoticed to you. They may, at times, need to be reminded that this is your day. Be patient and hear them out, gently reminding them that your wishes and vision need to remain their priority.
        Every venue, whether for a service, reception, or both, will offer opportunities as well as challenges, not always in equal measure. For over 20 years, the artists of Barking Pony Studios have met these challenges and developed these opportunities in all manner of spaces. Your individual style can grace any place you choose. Among the possibilities are tents, hotel ballrooms, private residences, museums, country clubs, restaurants, warehouses, barns, and even open fields. We work closely with your venue staff in determining what the facility will allow, as well as provide, in the way of flexibility to make your plans work.
        Once you have established the where and when, it is time to think about what it is you wish to accomplish with your decor decisions. Having a vision, as well as a budget in mind is paramount at this point. Our experience in assisting couples in focusing that vision has served to make each aspect of the experience as simple and straightforward as it must be. Over the years we have incorporated fabrics, crystals, and an array of natural materials into our work, and will offer samples of these for your consideration. We only get one chance to make this day spectacular, which does not mean that it has to be difficult. You have plenty to do, and we know that.
        When your guests walk in, you want them to remember what they see at that moment, forever. This is where their experience begins, and it should be nothing short of captivating. We urge our clients to use as much of the available space as possible. A few large signature focal points is usually more desirable than a scattering of small objects that ultimately get overlooked, and forgotten. Large rooms or tents with high ceilings offer great possibilities for stunning fabric treatments, as well as beautiful custom light fixtures, of which we have made many. There are times that a particular feature of a room should be covered, perhaps eliminating an unsightly painting or object that you’d rather not see in your photographs.
        Online resources, such as Pinterest, can be helpful in developing your vision, and they can at the same time cause great confusion. We urge you to use your best judgement, and narrow your focus toward those aspects of your personalities that will best translate into a stunning visual experience for you and your guests. Our experience has shown us that these websites tend to make novices into experts almost overnight, at least in the minds of some people who have never had to “make it happen”.  Combining the ideas you have collected with our artistic portfolio is an efficient and cost effective way to put your priorities in order.
        Excellence requires preparation. With that in mind, we offer a unique set of services that will help set your wedding day apart from those that simply occupy the memories of your families and friends. Would you rather follow a trend, or set one? It’s your call…


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