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Perfect Custom Cocktails

by Sara Dahmen


PHOTOGRAPHY  Front Room Photography

        Some of the most special moments of your wedding are the toasts given by all the people who love you both.  But before your guests raise their glasses, make sure that the champagne in their stemware is as tasteful as the well wishes you receive.  
        Over ten and a half years ago, Gary Ozuna started Bartenders On The Go when he realized there was a need for a serious enthusiastic bartending and beverage specializationservice in Milwaukee.  Having lived and worked on the East Coast, as well as Houston and Austin, Gary has insight to the latest hot trends, creative cocktails and newest themes.  Europe is also an extensive research and informational guide for him, and Gary travels there often.  In Wisconsin, Gary Ozuna’s staff of licensed and energetic professionals not only get excited about their work, but they also strive to create a memorable experience for your guests.  “I believe in hiring fun, qualified employees who really want to be there,” Gary divulges.  Bartenders on the Go is more than just a bartending service, and in fact, is practically a one-stop shop for your event, offering wedding consultations and menu design in addition to guaranteeing your guests will be served a properly mixed martini with the same suave service you’d find at a high scale bar.
        Gary recommends that couples look for several key factors when vetting options for beverage services.  Check if the company is licensed and insured, and find out whether the bartenders are capable, outgoing, and professional in demeanor and appearance.  Will the company you’re hiring actually provide you and your guests with great service all throughout the preparing process?  Gary knows goes amazing service goes beyond serving a good drink.  “Recently a couple ran behind the bar to give me a hug. It took me a second to realize that I had organized their daughter’s wedding years ago and they were still complimenting my company. That’s when I know that what I do is all worthwhile.”
        Gary also customizes drink menus for your event, and creating specialty cocktails is something of an art form; one that Gary has perfected.  “It’s a custom craft,” he explains.  “And it’s why we do custom beverage packages as well - no two weddings are the same.”  
        Couples can pick their preferred types of liquor, wine and beer to be served according to their budget and personal preferences.  Bartenders On The Go works with you to uncover the details that make your event unique.  In addition, Gary’s team of servers can even dress in theme for your wedding, or simply don their standard uniform of a classy black vest, white dress shirt and a tie.
        Bartenders on the Go is so well known for providing high quality service that the Historic Pritzlaff, Marquette University, the Pfister Hotel, and various others choose Gary’s experienced and talented staff to fill positions for major events.  But whatever the occasion is for a celebration, Gary declares, “A fun and professional bartending service is one important piece that can help make an event extremely memorable.” 



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